Project Managment


Y.Bandel Project Management LTD specializes in the management, coordination, and supervision of complex construction and finishing works of the highest standard; from the planning phase through the implementation phase and up to the end of the occupancy phase. Our clients can be confident that we will address their needs fully and professionally through all of the phases of the project, from the planning and initiation phase up to the post-occupancy evaluation:

Project Management At the planning phase
  • Provide assistance and guidance with regard to contractual documents signed with the project’s initiator.
  • Prepare a schedule for the planning stage and estimate the initial budget.
  • Accompany all of the planning phases, including choosing and supervising the architect and the various consultants and planners. Strictly ensure coordination between the plans made by the architects and the consultants (super position)
  • Establish efficient, built-in management processes, which support the project’s current management. These processes include the conduction of  planning coordination meetings, to ensure that plans are carried out within the defined schedules and in accordance with the program, thereby helping you to achieve the tender  phase fully prepared at the predefined date.
  • Consult the architect and the system planners with regard to editing the specifications and the bills of quantities.


  • Coordinate with the customer’s legal advisor with regard to the proposal documents and their distribution.
  • Cooperate with the planners and the client, to prepare lists of contractors and vendors.
  • Edit the tenders and distributing them, to receive price offers from contractors.
  • Update the budget estimate based on the detailed estimates prepared by the planners.
Project Management Budget control
  • Analyze the price proposals submitted by the contractors and prepare a detailed comparison table.
  • Negotiate with the executing contractors.
  • Prepare a professional opinion and a recommendation document for choosing executing contractors.
  • Edit the technical-administrative aspect of the contracts signed with the contractors, in coordination with the client’s legal advisor.
  • Prepare and edit a budget estimate for the project, based on the contracts signed with the contractors.
Project Management At the Execution Phase
  • Manage the constructors’ work based on the plans, the specifications, and the instructions provided by the planners.
  • Supervise the quality of products and materials used in the project.
  • Conduct coordination meetings, at predefined intervals, between the project’s executing contractors. These meetings’ goal is to integrate and synchronize the contractor’s work, both professionally and with regard to schedule.
  • Keep and track the budget frame while the project is carried out, and report the client about any deviations.
  • Track and lead the project’s progress and implementation, based on the agreed schedule.
  • Provide the client with ongoing reports regarding the execution’s level and progress, as well as report any issues encountered during execution.
  • Check and approve the partial and final bills submitted by the contractors, to ensure that they are aligned with the stipulations of the contracts. Approval should be granted based on measuring the results.
  • Accept and approve the paid project, and ensure that all contractors carried out the works they were committed to execute in the contracts.
  • Carry out the project evaluation – write down the corrections, supplements, and improvements required from the contractors when handing over  the property, supervise the project’s execution and approval, and implement the project’s final delivery.